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General Maintenence

General Maintenence, Waterford, MI

Waterford's Best Tune-Up and Auto Repair Services

The best high-performance auto repair near Waterford is easy to find. We are right around the corner at 3495 Pontiac Lake Rd. From BMW to Audi to Chevrolet we are here to help. Call us today at 248-682-2100 to schedule an appointment.

If your engine sputters and misses instead of roaring it may be time for a tune-up. At Mo-Tec Automotive Service, we give our customers this simple advice, the best way to care for your high-performance car or truck is to get a tune-up or perform general maintenance at more frequent intervals. For example, when high RPM drivers in Waterford invest in regular oil changes they save hundreds of dollars by avoiding high-cost engine repairs down the road.

From high-performance foreign import cars to custom monster trucks, Mo-Tec Automotive Service has the tools and expertise to make sure your ride runs at it's best. You can drop your car off in just minutes as we are conveniently located near you in Waterford. Get honest and affordable routine service to ensure that all fluids, filters, and hoses are in optimal condition. With super fast service, you can put Mo-Tec Automotive Service in your rearview mirror in a snap and get back in the race.

Give us a call today at 248-682-2100 or stop by our shop at 3495 Pontiac Lake Rd.

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